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    Speedball is a death match style shoot-em up that consisting of 2 equal number teams. At the beginning of the game each team will start at the opposite end of the playing field in the neutral zone of their base. When the ref initiates the start of the game, players will run to bunkers and hideaways placed at various intervals on the playing field. This is a very fast paced game and players will initially be open to enemy fire as most of the cover is spread out and small in size. The field itself is devoid of trees and obstructions and is an open world environment. The first team to eliminate all of the enemy players is the winner.

Capture the Flag

This game requires two even teams and two flags hung in their respective flag stations at each end of the field. All players must begin the game at their flag station and cannot leave that area until the game begins. Players who are hit are out of the game. If a player is eliminated while he is carrying the flag, he must drop the flag where he was hit, or hang it on the nearest available object (not another player). Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members. When a player is carrying the flag, it must remain visible at all times and must be carried in the hand, over the arm or around the neck. Winning: Capture the opposing team's flag and return it to your base!

Bird of Prey

    Bird of Prey is a modified variation of Capture the Flag. The game starts out with 2 equal number teams at opposing ends of the field. A central base (Eagles Nest) is a structure in the middle of the playing field with a makeshift nest at the top where the eagle calls his home. One player only must capture the eagle and bring it to the opposing players base. The player holding the eagle is not allowed to discharge their weapon and only acts as the carrier. His/her other teammates must protect him from enemy fire. If the player carrying the eagle is hit he is eliminated and must drop the eagle to the ground. At this point anyone can swoop in and retrieve it. First team to bring the eagle to their opponents base for the feast wins!

Trophy Hunter

    The goal of this game is to travel around the field collecting trophies from other players. Players act individually to gather trophies on the field. No teams. Each player wears three armbands on one arm (these are referred to as trophies). Players are interspersed in the playing field. A signal will sound every five minutes (referred to as the Five Minute Signal) and will be different than the Start and End of Game Signal. (The period between these signals will be referred to as the Waiting Period.) Players who are hit must drop to the ground (using common sense) and remain motionless and quiet until the next Five Minute Signal. Another player (not necessarily the one who hit him) has the Waiting Period to collect one trophy. Once the trophy is taken no more trophies can be taken from the player during that Waiting Period. When the Five Minute Signal sounds the player is immediately in the game. Players can be hit while collecting trophies and another player may collect trophies from both players, or however many players there are waiting for the Five Minute Signal. When all a player's trophies are gone he is out of the game. The player with the most trophies wins.

Operation Eagle Claw

    This is a unique game and will be played with two opposing teams. The terrorists vs. the American Delta force. The terrorists will be holding a hostage captive within their fortified compound. It will be the goal of the delta force to rescue the hostage and return him/her to their base. The challenge for the Americans is that this is a timed event and failure to retrieve the hostage within 30 minutes will result in his/her execution and an automatic loss. More information on this scenario will be available on gameday.

Speed Ball Gameplay

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Paintball Tip:

Get in Shape!

A day of paintball is much more fun and you can actually focus on your game if you aren't constantly gasping for air. Get yourself into good enough shape that your primary concern is not if your body can handle the next game.

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